From screen printing to embroidery, discover high-quality custom printed clothing for workwear, sports kits and individuals. Receive full support in your printed clothing decisions with our knowledgeable staff who have over 20 years of T-Shirt printing, garment print and embroidery and design experience. Whether you’re a small to medium-sized business or an individual in the Colchester area, our friendly experts are here to help you grow and raise awareness of your business or brand.

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A Wide Range Of Clothing Types To Choose From

A close relationship with Europe’s largest clothing suppliers allows us to include a wide range of clothing to choose from for your clothes printing needs including hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and more. 

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Printing Types To Achieve A Professional Branded Look

We have a range of printing methods to achieve the best result for your needs. Allow us to advise on the best option for your artwork, so you don’t feel overwhelmed when making a decision. Our options include: 


If you’re struggling to design a logo, we can help create one for you.  If you want to modify your current one, we’ll ensure your design suits your choice of print option.  Find out more here.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a quality print process. If you need more than 20 pieces of printed clothing, this can be the best and most cost-effective option. Find out more here


Embroidery is one of our most popular options due to its professional finish, durable qualities and is suitable for most logos. Perfect for polo shirts, jackets and caps. Find out more here.

Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing

Using cutting-edge digital garment printing technology, your logo will be printed directly onto the clothing using specialised ink. This is ideal for small businesses or one-off unique gifts. Find out more here.

Vinyl Flex Printing

Ideal for sports kits and high visibility jackets, flex printing is a method that uses textile vinyl to adhere to fabric under a heat press. This is a great option for small businesses ordering in low quantities. Find out more here.

Printable Vinyl  Flex

Similar to vinyl flex printing, this method is great for realistic images and artwork with gradients or full colour.  Find out more here

A Simple, Stress-free Process To Get Branded Clothing

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when ordering branded clothing and uniforms because of the number of options available. That’s where we come in. We make ordering printed clothing an easy and stress-free process by offering friendly and expert advice to achieve the best quality outcome for you. We care about helping you create a professional image for your business. 

Collaboratively Working Together To Grow Your Business

With over 20 years of printing and design experience, our friendly experts work together with you to provide the best option for your printed clothing needs. Our relationship with you doesn’t end at delivery, we constantly maintain a professional relationship starting from the time you contact us and beyond. We ensure we’re doing everything we can to help grow your business by raising awareness of your brand through printed clothing.

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