For various reasons many of our customers find that they no longer have the original high resolution and vector image files of their company logos. This leads to years of copying and pasting small pixelated versions of their logo on to web pages and invoices etc (example below). Obviously this can affect how people view your company. A clean crisp logo looks great but a blurry, jagged pixelated logo can look very unprofessional. If your logo looks like the one below we can definitely help.


If you only have a low quality pixelated copy of your logo then fear not our graphic designers can expertly match the fonts and remake your logo so you have it in all the different file types you will need for any branding purpose. We will keep your logo artwork on file so you won’t have to worry about emailing files every time you place an order. This will also speed up lead times if you have a tight deadline. You will also receive a copy of all artwork we remake for you so you can update your websites, social media pages, letterheads and invoices etc. Below is an example of crisp and clear logo that has been recreated from the pixelated image above.


If you feel it’s time to add some new colour or make some changes to your logo then we can also help to tweak your artwork to make it really stand out. This could be something simple like adding or changing a colour, using a more contemporary font or changing the layout (example below).
We can also completely redesign your logo if you are planning to rebrand your company. One of our graphic designers will work with you to create an amazing new logo.

If you have any questions or would like a quote for having your logo remade please contact us.